Baladin Xyauyu Oro 2014 (PRE ORDER)

Style: Barley Wine

ABV: 13.5%

500ml Bottle

September 2014 is the date of birth of Xyauyù, the oxidized barley wine that is the crown-jewel in Teo’s experimentations. As it often happens with important discoveries, this beer too is the result of years of tests and studies which have generated an award-winning and unique product in the world. Maybe, part of its initial success is due to its odd name, whose origin comes from a funny little story involving Teo and his daughter Wayan. 

She was only three when she naively suggested to give this new beer - not even in production yet - the name of her imaginary daughter: XYAUYÙ. Soon afterwards, the success of this new product in the Baladin range motivated master Teo to create new versions of it, playing with different times and modes of oxidation. Xyauyù soon became three: Oro, Argento and Rame. Only the Oro version has survived, and is now accompanied by Barrel, Fumè, Kentucky and Kioke.

A macro-oxidized beer with a clear, ruby color and no head. Its scent releases fruity notes of dry plums and caramel notes. As Xyauyù gets more and more in contact with oxygen, the smell of chocolate intensifies and blends with the other aromas to create a mix of nougat, nuts and wood.

The taste is very complex and surprising: a unique product that evolves on notes of caramel, chocolate, vanilla and wood, creating an unstoppable kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions.