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Beer Box

Bucket Boys

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Receive a mix of 16 carefully-selected craft beers to enjoy at home, share with friends, or treat the office. Discounts available for multi-month pre-paid subscriptions.

Shipping is not included*

We chose to select 16 individual beers rather than double up so that you get maximum tasting exposure! There is so much new beer to choose from that we thought it would be a shame to limit our box to less than 16 different beers!

Also included in the box are tasting notes for each beer and a short guide to the various styles included in the box along with some personal thoughts and stories from our Certified Cicerone.

You can choose to have your box shipped every 1, 2 or 3 months, choose your subscription length and even get discounts for pre-payment of multiple boxes!

Boxes are charged on the 13th each month and shipped on 15th (unless that falls on a weekend and then the following monday)

You can cancel your subscription at any time (even after 1 box) so why not try us out!

If you are looking for non-subscription options, why not check our our one-off beer boxes like the Beer Explorer Box, Sydney-Sider Box or the Globe Trotter Box!


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$89.00 each
$89.00 each
$89.00 each
$89.00 each
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