Beer Passport Box
Beer Passport Box Beer Passport Box

A beer journey across different breweries, styles, regions, countries...

The Beer Passport box is your ticket to a virtual adventure into the world of beer. Each month a different theme will take you on a sensory journey

Here's How It Works:

At the beginning of each month we send out boxes and we announce the theme for the next month. You have 2 weeks to opt out of that month's box and you are allowed to opt out as many times as you like but we, but as wee are putting this on in a limited fashion we want people who are actively engaged in the various tastings... however we do understand some themes or months may not work for you so you have the option of opting out for any month that doesn't quite work for you!

On the 3rd week of the month we have a virtual zoom tasting event (which will be recorded and posted to our Bucket Boys Beer Crowd facebook group in case you miss it. 

We charge everyone on the same day each month (the 15th) for the next month's box so you have until then to opt out. Boxes are then sent out 1st monday of the month and the cycle continues!

What's Included:

The beers will change each month with the theme, including size and quantity but we will aim for a minimum of 4 beers and a maximum of 6 beers depending on the theme (some themes like Wild Ales or Belgium might include slightly more expensive beers or beers in larger formats which may mean less beers). 

Also included with your first shipment is the Bucket Boys Passport Cover - each month we will send out a new insert for that month's tasting which you can add to your passport cover, collecting beer memories along the way!

March Theme (Box #001): Haze Craze

April Theme (Box #002): The Trappists

May Theme (Box #003): GABS

June Theme (Box #004): Bracket - Shipping July