12 Sydney Beers Of Christmas - 2020 Advent Calendar PRE ORDER

12 Sydney Beers in 12 Days!

Since there are a ton of advent calendars out there in the craft beer landscape, we didn't want to try and copy what everyone else was doing so we thought we would take this year to celebrate and support our local brewers. This advent calendar is unlike any other in that it is a nod to "The 12 Days Of Christmas". Just as the title suggests, you start your drinking on the 14th of December and for 12 days you get to discover some amazingly epic beers!  

What's In The Box:

  • 12 Amazing beers all from Local Sydney Brewers!
  • Tasting guide featuring glassware recommendations, serving temperature recommendations and abv's (helps when tasting blind).
  • A special discout code for your next purchase at Bucket Boys!


We hand wrap each beer so that it's contents remain a mystery until you pour it into your glass! 

Oh and by the way did we tell you this is a blind tasting? Each beer is hand wrapped  We encourage you to try the beer blind and guess what it is.

We won't tell you what the beers are but each morning we will post a hint on our Social Media accounts for that day's beer, leaving you in suspense until you get home and crack it open! 

Pre orders will commence today and will last until november 24th.