Beechwood Blendery Come In Grape, Your Time Is Up Zinfandel

Style: Sour Ale

ABV: 9.6%

500ml Bottle

Come in Grape, Your Time is Up' is a seasonal series based around the grape harvest. In fall we collaborate with various wineries to create beers that blur the lines between wine and beer. In this vintage we partnered up with Castoro Cellars from Paso Robles and used late harvest Zinfandel grapes. We first created a blend of one-year-old lambic-inspired base beer and re-fermented the grapes for 8 weeks. The beer has a beautiful deep purple color with notes of fruit, hints of black pepper and funk in the nose. Bold tannins from the grape skins and an assertive yet balanced acidity really give this beer qualities similar to a bottle of red wine, while also letting our house character shine through.