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Batch Huge Kahuna

Batch Brewing Co

Style: Imperial Coconut Brown Ale 

ABV: 8.4%

375ml Can 

Cowabunga, dude! Before Batch was even a twinkle in our eye we were, like, totally on Waikiki beach, on holidays from jobs we weren't really doing anymore anyway, and we were just like, woah, let's do a coconut beer. And we did one called the Big Kahuna, and there was much rejoicing dudes.

Rad story, but not as rad as this massively epic version we're releasing prior to re-release of The Big Kahuna called.....wait for it.....The Huge Kahuna!

The Huge Kahuna has some gnarly malt complexity, giving it a rich and flavoursome maltiness without ever blowing out the sweetness, man. Like, then we added toasted coconut into the mash, then into the boil, then into the fermentor, so that some super fragrant coconut aromas get mad air out of the glass. But wait bro there's more...we added cacao nibs this time as well to give you some super chocolatey notes....arghhh so good!

So wax your board and raise a glass to the winter months with some tropical tunes, colourful shirts and a bomber of The Huge Kahuna. Mahalo, bro!

Malts: Crystal 40, Special B, Imperial, Chocolate, Wheat, Gladfield American

Hops: Northern Brewer

Yeast: American Ale

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