Kaiju Golden Axe Apple Cider

Style: Cider

ABV: 5.2%

375ml Can

The Golden Axe team decided that only fresh apple juice and yeast were to be used - no concentrates or added sugar needed. Of course it also had to be vegan-friendly in the best interests of our avian and sea faunal friends. Only the best tasting juice would suffice, and amazingly this juice was being made locally by a good friend. In fact the juice was so delicious it was decided that only the cleanest of fermentations (with as few yeast derived flavour and aroma by-products as possible) would be accepted and oxidation was to be steered well clear of. This regimen would help accentuate the original product, leaving a clear, refined, crisp tasting, and what we think you will describe as "appley" cider.