Yulli's Diprotodon Nigorizake

 Style: Nigorizake (cloudy Sake)

ABV: 16.0%

500ml Bottle

This Sake is unpasteurised and unfiltered; keep refrigerated and consume as early as possible.

Our Diprotodon Nigorizake (cloudy Sake) combines old and new brewing techniques to deliver a truly unique Sake drinking experience. Making use of Australian medium grain rice, our select koji (Aspergillus Oryzae), soft Sydney water and brewer’s yeast; this modern approach to Sake brewing possesses sharp green apple aromas and ultra dry and tart flavours, reminiscent of lactobacillus and Kefir. Enjoy the spectacle of opening this lightly carbonated beverage as sediment races upwards (and be ready to tighten the cap if it gushes up too quick!) We recommend serving this Nigori cold and as a digestif.