Newstead Zoo V8 Golden Sour

Style: Sour Beer

ABV: 8.6%

375ml Can 

The Newstead Zoo program has been fermenting away for years, like six of them. In 2020, we take V8 one step further, by sacrificing our little canning line. That’s right, living cultures, in a 375mL can, what could be better?

Zoo V8 uses chardonnay barrels, inoculated with Pediococcus damnosus, fermenting a huge, 50% malted oat wort, backed up by the inherent Newstead house culture. What results, is a rounded, mouth coating Golden Sour. With a balanced but intense sourness from the pediococcus, apple-cider vinegar from acetobacter, some tropical notes from brettanomyces, and a lemon twang from lactobacillus. It’s a calumniation of funk and flair, with layers upon layers of flavours, to be savoured.