Van Dieman Estate Ale - Edward

Style: Saison 

ABV: 5.3%

375ml Bottle

The fruition of a long held goal of producing a single origin, brewery sourced modern Farmhouse Ale, Max presents as an effervescent and dry yeast-driven beer that explodes on the palate with an intense spritzy character. You’ll find bucket loads of fresh lemon aroma and white pepper, followed by subtle nuisances of savoury herbs and over ripe blackberries. Pilsner Estate malt creates a light grainy flavour with a soft yellow appearance akin to a mid-summer morning, delivering a honeydew & champagne character reminiscent of authentic handmade lemonade.

A blend of brewery grown Super Pride & Cascade hops combine to execute subtle fresh apricot, citrus & lavender notes that compliment our house “Everton” yeast and adds a beautiful soft complexity. Max delivers a modern Farmhouse Ale accomplishing its own stamp on the saisons of France and Belgium without deviating too far from the heart and soul of this flawless beer style. While it was designed to sip on veranda in the afternoon sun or at the dinner table with family, we hope you enjoy Max wherever you get the chance to try it.