Future Mountain Chance Or Circumstance

Style: Sour Ale

ABV: 6.6%

375ml Bottle

Chance Or Circumstance is a beer made with our friends @sailorsgravebrewing  and @mollyrosebrewing 

We began with a brown base wort and added Portarlington Mussel shells into the kettle then pumped the cooled wort into our open fermentor where a blend of 2 Saison yeast strains, Carrot flowers and Orange zest rolled around together to get fermentation underway.

After a few days, the beer was then racked into barrique oak barrels.  A mixed culture from each brewery was then added to separate barrels for further fermentation and maturation.  And to top it off, Dates and Wattle seeds were added to one of the barriques!

After 10 months of barrel maturation we blended from the barrels and bottle conditioned for a further 8 weeks.

The resulting beer is sublimely balanced and exhibits an incredible amount of complexity with every sip revealing something new.  A must try!