Belgrove White Rye Whisky (500ml)

Style: Rye Whisky

ABV: 40%

500mL Bottle

Nose – Grainey, dried fruit, spicey-very typical.

Taste – Peppery, slightly smokey (surprisingly), dried mango, dried berries, dough, creamy mouthfeel. Molasses in the aftertaste.

Great taste! Stunning!


N:extremely fruity, citrus fruits, mainly oranges and tangerines, creamy like an emulsion, vanilla, dried banana flakes, grainy and nutty, cellar stored apples, dried apricot

P:grainy, ripe and long stored apples, orange zests, creamy texture, slightly spicy and peppery

F:again very grainy, slightly spicy with a whiff of cinnamon and Xmas aromas

C:very smooth and clean, this white rye whisky can be easily enjoyed neat and is also a great addition for a mixed drink.