Go-Shu plum wine (720ml)

Style: Plum Wine

ABV: 8%

720ml Bottle

Expertly brewed with all natural ingredients including Go-Shu Australian sake and Japanese plum “ume” grown in Australia.

Unlike other plum wines produced in Japan which use distilled white liquor or Shochu spirit, the Go-Shu Plum Wine is made of premium undiluted Go-Shu Australian sake and a selection of the finest Japanese plums (such as premium Nanko Ume) which has carefully been developed and grown in Australia for the Australian market.

Go-Shu Plum Wine exhibit the sweet and lingering intensity flavour profile of undiluted sake as well as rich and juicy flavour characteristics of Japanese plum with nutty and smooth finish. Ume plum which contains medical and health promoting properties (potassium and calcium) is said to be good for health.

The healthy fruit wine is ideal on its own or as a pre-dinner drink enhancing the appetite and it goes well with a Japanese-style meal. Best served on ice or at room temperature, straight or mix with soda.