Starward  Fortis Single Malt Whisky

Style: Single Malt Whisky

ABV: 50%

700ml Bottle

A high-proof expression from Melbourne's Starward distillery, the Fortis is matured in American oak red wine barrels barrels and bottled at 50%.

A new release to retailers for November 2020.

Distilled from Australian barley and using craft brewer's yeast. The casks previously held shiraz and cabernets wine in the (for the majority) Barossa Balley and some of them were charred to open up the oak and allow the whisky further into the oak.

At 50% it is un-chill filtered. 

The name Fortis comes from the Latin for "strong" and this whisky is certainly a more muscular, powerful version of the Nova single malt. The sweetness of the red wine casks balanced by Starward's classic house style tropical fruits, including bright banana.

Official Tasting Notes: 

Upfront notes of Madagascan vanilla pod and toasty oak. The palate is all chocolate ganache, cinnamon, quince and Muscadelle raisin with a lingering baking spiced finish.