Krinklewood River Blend 2021

Style: White Blend

Vintage: 2021

Region: Hunter Valley


In respect of the Indigenous communities who nurtured the Country for millennia.

This wine began with a love for the land, maturing to the delightfully expressive 'cosmoir' of Krinklewood Estate. It tastes of this very earth - the climate, the water, the sunshine and the soil.

100% Organic & Biodynamic Gewurtztraminer, Verdelho, and Chardonnay grow along the Wollombi Brook, hand tended and picked, then fermented on skins to reflect every aspect of the site.


This wine displays the softest peach colour with bright floral aromas of lychee, Turkish delight and clove shouldered with fresh minerality.

The palate is refreshing and crisp thanks to beautiful notes of lime peel and spicy cardamom.

This wine is a beautiful representation of our Krinklewood “Terroir” as it is the blend of the grapes that grows along the river.

Drink young to enjoy this wine full potential!

Minimal preservatives (220)

Minimal intervention.

Vegan friendly!