We've put together some awesome offers to launch our subscription services.
1st is our Beer Box, a selection of 16 amazing beers from around the world delivered to your door every month! 
2nd is our Beer Expert Box which is hand selected by our Certified Cicerone and contains 16 of the most interesting, unique and challenging brews we can find.
3rd is our Beer Geek Box which brings together our two favourite things: beer and beer-related goodies. Each quarter we will send you out a box filled with cool stuff from a different partner brewery.


The Beer Box

16 different beers hand-picked by our very own Certified Cicerone and delivered to you each month! We choose from our very favourite beers from Australia and abroad. The selection will be a broad representation of styles so you will get everything from interesting Lagers and Pale Ales to Belgian Ales and Stouts.

The Beer Expert Box

This box is for the über beer geek who expects nothing but the most interesting and unique range of flavours! We will assemble a magical journey through beer for you to enjoy each quarter. The box will contain 16 beers varying in size and stature from local brews to imports from around the world.

For The Cellar

FOR THE CELLAR - is a special kind of beer box filled with special beers just for you and your cellar. These beers are all unique in that they can be aged or they can be opened right away. We will leave that up to you. Either way this very limited subscription gets you some of our most prized possesions for a fraction of the price you might pay for them individually. Each box will contain a combination of either 4 large format bottles or large and format bottles. (1 large bottle = 2 small bottles and visa versa).

Wine Box

A selection of 4 delicious wines from Australian independent producers delivered to your door every month! We choose our wines from small winemakers focused on making quality wines with minimal intervention. Natural fermentation, minimal or no sulpher, organic and bio-dynamic are just a few words to describe our wine tastes.

What's Included:

  • 4 Wines (varies between Red, White and Rose depending on availability and season)
  • Tasting Notes from the winemakers

Beer Geek Box

Each quarter we partner with a brewery to send out t-shirts, hats, glassware and beer-related stuff to your door. Your box will be packed with brewery merchandise as well as extra things like posters, stickers and beer offers from us to use in our store, on our website and through our partner brewery.

Now, we know some of you might feel the need to know what's in your box before you order. Unfortunately we can't reveal what's in the box as it might spoil the surprise for everyone else each quarter. What we can tell you is that you are going to get some really cool things! If you're not satisfied with what you get, just pack it up and send it back; we won't be offended!

The Beer Geek Box will be shipped on the 15th of each Quarter. You can cancel anytime you think you've collected enough cool stuff but we have a feeling you will enjoy the day our Beer Geek box arrives each quarter.