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Craft Beer Brewery


Beer is what we do best.

Along with selling some of the freshest local beers available and the most interesting beers from around the world, we wanted to put our own mark on the brewing industry by releasing some very limited batches of our own creations. Brewing on a system so small it could fit in your car, we brew limited runs of beer for the bottle shop and the local community.

We also like to reach out to our peers in the industry in the form of collaborations. Using the ideas and skills of both breweries allows us to create unique beers and innovate around existing styles.

For a full list of our beers check out our Untappd profile:

From the inception of Bucket Boys, we wanted to create as well as curate. That meant starting our own brewery. While there is no shortage of breweries in Marrickville, we thought that we could capture our own little corner of the market by focusing on new innovations in craft beer, adding interesting and unique ingredients and capturing the changing beer landscape by creating beers that many Australians have never had the opportunity to try before. Bucket Boys brewery operations are based in Marrickville, where we make small and unique batches of beer.