Johnathan & Clint are the founders of Bucket Boys Craft Beer Co.

Q: What is the inspiration behind the name Bucket Boys?

Clint & Johnathan: Before beer was available in bottles or cans, the only way to get beer outside of the pub in America was to pour them in galvanised buckets. The "bucket boys" were kids whose job it was to deliver the beer to workers. They became known as the bucket boys.

Q: Where did you guys meet?

Clint: I worked at Gasoline Pony, a small bar around the corner from Batch and would often drop by for "research".
Johnathan: Clint and I met while I was working at Batch Brewing Co in Marrickville. A few beers and more than a few meetings later and now we are embarking in this business venture together!

Q: What did you do before you started the business?

Clint: I've been in bars and pubs for the last 5 to 6 years and before that I was involved with a lot of different construction and factory work.
Johnathan: Before I moved to Australia, I worked in the music industry and also coached American Football. I really got into beer once I moved here and saw all of the awesome craft breweries popping up in my neighborhood. I started volunteering at Batch and then landed a job running the Lord Raglan pub owned by Rocks Brewing Co. Batch eventually hired me to run their tasting room and I started to really dive into learning more about beer. While we were building the Bucket Boys business I passed the Certified Cicerone Exam! I love talking about beer, learning about beer and of course drinking it!

Q: What are your favourite beers or breweries?

Clint: My all time favourite brewery is Mikkeller. I really also just love Scandinavian beer in general. I'm a huge fan of the guys around us in the Inner West and of a lot of the craft breweries in New Zealand.
Johnathan: Locally, I am a huge fan of the Inner West breweries like Batch (obviously). I believe we are a bit spoiled with the choices we have nearby! Outside of Australia, I am really loving the stuff that Garage Project puts out. Of course, being an American I am partial to the American breweries that helped start this "revolution". I have been really getting into sours lately, and Cascade Barrel House in Portland along with The Bruery in LA are great examples of sour breweries that are killing it in the US. My all time favourite beer is Tripel Karmaliet which is a belgian-style tripel. I love a good Trappist beer and also there are times when nothing but a well made lager will do! So basically i am a fan of all beer styles as long as they are done well!

Q: What sets you guys apart from other bottle shops?

Clint: We want to be more than just a place to buy takeaway beers. When we came up with Bucket Boys the concept was to build a brand and then develop different ideas around that brand...the bottle shop is kind of our hub...the place where you can find the Bucket Boys, but we definitely want to get involved in a few different areas of craft beer.
Johnathan: We like to think of Bucket Boys as more than just a bottle shop. We want to provide great beer experiences! That means going beyond just selling through our store and website. I like to say that we are a bottle shop that makes beer. It's an easy way to describe what we do right now but there is so much more to Bucket Boys than that.

Q: What was the inspiration for the store fit out design?

Clint: I really enjoy Scandinavian-style design and we took some inspiration from that and added a bit of our own spin on it. We both really enjoy the design of Mikkeller's bars and thought that would be a good place to start.
Johnathan: When we started talking about the store, I wanted to make sure that it felt different than a normal bottle shop. We wanted to have a bit more open space than most shops that feel more like comic book stores. The idea is to make the store feel as inviting as possible. It is already daunting enough choosing between hundreds of beers you might have never heard of.

Q: What is in the near future for Bucket Boys?

Clint: We are working on our own line of beers at  the moment. They will be very limited releases just for our customers and a select few pubs around the Inner West.
Johnathan: Along with that we are importing some beer from the US and there are plans for a small bar/tasting room in the works!