2017 Chalmers Dott Pavana (500ml)

Varietal: Pavana

Region: Heathcote, VIC

Vintage: 2017

500ml Bottle

The rarest grape in the Chalmers collection, pavana caught Dr.Rod’s attention during a mid-1990s tenure at Udine University. Only a handful of pavana vineyards now remain in Italy,mostly in Valsugana which bridges Trentino and Veneto, butit was once widely planted in these areas when the region was part of Austria where much of the pavana wine was consumed. Being a pale, perfumed and herbal light red it wasn’t favoured by the Italian’s once the region passed to Italian rule so pavana became unviable and was removed from most vineyards. Pavana joined the Chalmers collection in 2000 but the first pretty, rosé-like super light red wines weren’t made from the nursery block until 2013-2015. The combination of the variety with the distinctive Heathcote soil influence has produced a more structured and darker wine, still retaining the charm and freshness so endearing in the project wines.