Bruny Island Oxymoron

Style: Dark Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%

500ml Bottle

What defines a dark ale? The words literally reference one end of a colour spectrum, yet the idea of dark beer often seems to carry a lot of baggage. We have crafted a challenge to any such preconceptions with our signature dark beer: a quaffable pale ale in drag.

On a base of Tasmanian Westminster malted barley, Oxymoron is also brewed with generous lashings of malted wheat and rye that deliver spicy flavours, a textural lift and a dry finish, balanced by rich Crystal and Munich malts. Hefty additions of Enigma, Cascade and Wilamette hops grown at Bushy Park contribute a pungent m̩lange of fruity, spicy and woody flavours and aromas.