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Bucket Boys Squealer

Bucket Boys

We have a certain affinity for the growler. Originally the growler was a galvanised pail with a handle (and sometimes a lid). Children were employed to deliver growlers to customers. They were known as the "Bucket Boys".

Well not much has changed today, and the Bucket Boys are still here to provide you quality beer in a quality vessel. The 946ml (32oz) Amber Squealer (or 1/2 growler) brings the same great shape and standards as the traditional growler but allows you to take home a bit less for those times when you aren't planning on drinking too much! Because opening growlers or squealers means that the beer starts to oxidise and loose carbonation, the squealer is a great option for having 1 or 2 without the commitment required for drinking a full growler!

*for anyone who is confused...this is an empty bottle

  • $11.95