Bucket Boys Stainless Combo Pint + Squealer

Buy our Stainless Steel Pint Glass and our Stainless Steel Squealer together and save some time and money!

Our range of stainless steel items work perfectly in tandem. Great for a hike or an outdoor picnic, and no need to worry about broken glass or lugging the weight of a traditional growler and set of glassware.

About the Squealer:

When your beer needs to be rugged and rowdy, enter theåÊ32oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Growler. This sleek, matte black finished 946ml (32oz) squealer comes with a reinforced strap, secure lid, and premium insulation--making it a near-perfect companion on the slopes, long hikes, and camping trips. Just add campfire--and your beer, of course.

About the Pint Glass:

Reusable, durable and perfect for camping, hiking, special events or even the office in place of plastic or paper cups. Pair it with our Stainless Squealers or Stainless Growlers a perfect combination!

- Stainless Steel - Matte Black Finish
- Volume: 473ml (16oz)