Bucket Boys Blind Tasting Box - 16 Beers / 16 Days
Last year we came up with the idea of doing a blind tasting advent calendar for Christmas....while that idea fell through it was a blessing in disguise.
Right now we are all feeling the first effects of this new normal. So many breweries have beers in the keg or in the tank that you aren't they what to do with, and we have a pretty cool solution...
We have partnered with East Coast Canning and 16 Breweries across Australia to bring you this Blind Tasting Box. 
Here's how it works:
  1. The Pre-sale starts March 24 and goes until April 17th or when stock runs out (we have limited stock).
  2. We will send all boxes out the last week of April for a May 8 start day (MAAAAATE)!!
  3. from the 8th of May, we will open one beer each day for 16 days. The catch is these beers will have a generic label with only the ABV on them. It is up to you to try and guess the beer style, beer name and the brewery. We will be doing this as a tipping competition as well so you can play along at home with us. On Day 2 we will announce the Day 1 beer until Day 17 when we announce the final beer and the winners of the tipping comp.
What's Included:
  • 16 x 375ml Cans
  • Instructions
  • Free Shipping To Anywhere in Australia (USE THE CODE FREESHIP40)
Why this idea?
For Breweries - One of the main issues is the ammount of beer sitting in keg right now that will struggle to be sold. We thought this was a creative way of helping local brewers push through some of that beer.
For You -  it will give people something fun to do in isolation while keeping the community aspect of craft beer alive...what's better than a virtual 16 day tasting competition!