Delvi Desert Lime Hard Seltzer

Style: Hard Seltzer

ABV: 4.2%

250ml Can

What is hard Seltzer you might ask?

Hard Seltzer = Alcohol + Soda + Flavouring


Urban Dictionary Meaning: DELVI – Keeping it Real 100%


DELVI is mutual respect for the landscape, the farmers, the produce and the local community.


Delvi Desert Lime is a subtle, bespoke blend of Australian native Desert Limes sourced from Marvick Native Farms in Red Gully WA and Tahitian Lime sourced from Survivor All-Stars Mark “Tarzan” Herlaar Twin Pines orchards in Queensland.


Delvi wild harvested organic fruits are shipped from our hand-picked farmers directly to our extract partners in the Norther Rivers Hinterlands where the fruit is processed in a patented cold press method which retains the active phyto-nutrients and natural minerals.


Delvi’s precious Extracts are then shipped to our world class facility in picturesque country Victoria where they are blended by our master winemakers & sommeliers.


Our uniquely Australian Hard Seltzer simply tastes better than the competition because we keep it real 100%