Dubstyle Tangerine 'Bela' 2018

Varietal: Slankamenka Bela

Region: Riverland, South Australia

Bela was a quite interesting surprise for us when we first made it.  It was fully ripe in very low in alcohol (around 11% by vol.).  We made it again in 2017 and the alcohol was even lower.  2018 was an greter surprise as it has 7.7% alcohol by volume only, but fully ripe again!  This very low alcohol wine is unique and obscure even for the most studious wine lovers.  Our version is is textural, fresh but  extremely delicate. It was left on skins for few days during fermentation. It does not taste like anything else you ever tried before.  Our customers in our cellar door usually describe it as having green tea, peach tea, delicate citrus flowers and celery notes.  It’s too easy to drink! Delicious with spicy, grease or chilli foods.