Firestone Walker Feral Vinifera 2017 - PRE ORDER

*Arriving 2nd Week Of December

Style: American Wild Ale Fermented on White Wine Grapes

ABV: 9.1%

375mL Bottle

Feral Vinifera is our foray into a new and exciting adventure in the Santa Ynez Valley, that expresses our collaborative efforts with local grape growers and winemakers.  Its journey begins with the sourcing and pressing of grapes from David Walker’s vineyard, co-fermenting the juice with a wheat-based wort, inoculating with proprietary wild yeast and bacteria, and allowing for a long fermentation and maturation in French Oak barrels.  We have carefully fermented, matured and blended this beer with the collaboration of our friend, Andrew Murray, proprietor/winemaker at Andrew Murray Vineyards.  The resulting cuvee; a partnership of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Muscat grapes co-fermented with wheat based wort-bends the mind and senses.  Pineapple, mango, guava mingle with Meyer lemon and gooseberry.  A funky savory yeast bouquet lays down a firm foundation, fruity esters and tart acidity lend body and structure. Finishing with a flinty minerality, woody tannins and vinous perfume. 

Feral Vinifera Blend:

Barrel Ratio: 100% French Oak

Barrel             Blend                                     Ratio Maturation time

French Oak    Sauvignon Blanc/wheat beer        35%     12 months

French Oak    Chenin Blanc/wheat beer              35%     12months

French Oak    Orange Muscat/wheat beer           5%       12 months

French Oak    Bretta Weisse                                   25%     8 months