Garage Project Chateau Aro (650ml)

Style: Ale w/ Pinot Noir Juice

ABV: 10.6%

650mL Bottle

This beer has only been made twice to date, originally brewed as an ale instead of a lager and contains over 10% of the total mass as Pinot juice plus it is rested on the skins for quite a lot of contact time. The aim was to extract tannins and then toss it into Escarpment Pinot barrels. It has created a very mellow and integrated beer which resembles full blown Pinot experience. Grape Harvest Beers celebrate that grapes are our local crop. There was too much interest in fresh hop beers after the first hopstock so after that we thought let's do something different. First we had the idea of a Pinot Pilsner (this became Rose de la Vallee). It started by talking to wineries, and the beer has to be timed very accurately. A big, strong ale, aged French oak barrels from Escarpment...Gorgeous.