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Hairyman Brewery Cory's Claim Dark Ale

Hairyman Brewery

Style: Dark Ale

ABV: 4.7%

375ml Can

On February 4th 1852, George Cory set out with his pack horses for his fellow gold miners at Sofala. It should have been an easy two-day journey along flat tracks.

Eight days later George arrived completely buggered. He told of how for days he had been chased to hell and back by the legendary ‘Hairyman’.

To spare his poor nags it had been necessary to lighten their loads, which for the record consisted of six firkins of fine dark ale, rich in hops.

Fortunately, George had managed to bring though almost a whole firkin. His mates were just glad to have their cobber back safe after his ordeal at the hands of that fiendish mongrel.



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