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Hairyman Lawson's Legend Pale

Hairyman Brewery

Style: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5%

375ml can

In November 1829, when an anonymous note warned the settlers of Springwood that their watering hole was haunted, Dr Bruce Lawson was the only one with any ticker, offering to spend a night alone in the pub cellar to prove it.

With a single candle and a measure of deliciously malty Pale Ale, rich in hops, for comfort, the hours passed uneventfully until a pleasant drowsiness stole over the Doctor, and he slept.

Alas! He awoke to find that during the night the contents of two small casks of the malty Pale Ale had vanished. Large, beer-stained footprints indicated to him that this was the work of the legendary ‘Hairyman’!

Nobly, Dr Lawson offered to repeat his lonely vigil for as many nights as it might take to catch the dreaded creature.

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