Heaps Normal Isol Ale Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA

Style: Non Alcoholic Hazy IPA

ABV: 0.5%

355ml Can

Brewed in collaboration with Isol-Aid for Blackhearts & Sparrows, this Isol-Aid Haze is a crushable hazy IPA without the booze. Big hop aromas of fruit salad and pineapple give way to a soft, smooth and balanced beer. Finishes crisp and refreshing with a light bitterness.

Heaps Normal Isol-Aid Haze is a new style of IPA evolving from the East Coast (USA) IPA style. Differentiated from other IPAs by moving away from high bitterness and dry finish in favour of a softer bitterness and slightly sweeter finish. Hops play a really important role in this beer style. It’s a hop forward beer with big “juicy” fruit flavours and aromas.

Lower bitterness at 20 IBU.  All the hops are added late in the process to impart aromatics rather than bitterness. It has a creamy texture and soft mouthfeel from the addition of oats. This beer has a unfiltered and hazy appearance.