Krinklewood Sauvage Orange 2021

Style: Orange Wine

Vintage: 2021

Region: Hunter Valley

Our first Orange made from 100% Organic & Biodynamic hand-picked Gewürztraminer. This wine began with a love of the fields, maturing to the delightfully expressive 'cosmic' of Krinklewood Estate.

It tastes of this very earth - the climate, the water, the sunshine, the soil.


This 2021 Orange wine displays beautiful aromas of rose petals and lychee with a more complex profile of cinnamon and all spices.

The palate is rich of notes of grapefruit, tangerine and ginger with a complex tannic structure given from both the long skin contact period and the wooden vessel the wine fermented into.

Drink this wine young to enjoy in all its potential.

This wine is unfiltered & may appear cloudy in the glass.

Minimal preservatives. (220)

Minimal intervention.

Vegan friendly!