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La Petit Mort Saperavi 2020

La Petit Mort

Varietal: Saperavi

Region: Granite Belt, QLD

Vintage: 2020

750ml Bottle

One of the great things about being a boutique wine producer is that you get to have full creative license in the winery which opens the way for innovation and re-invention. As part of this process, there is often a need to play with certain ideas and see how they work out. We do a lot of small scale 'bench trials' wherever possible, but sometimes you just need to jump in and make a barrel or two to really see the outcome of our meddling...

La Petite Mort is the receptacle of these experimental wines. Unfined and unfiltered, these wines are made in a deliberately candid, 'rustic' style with minimal addition and intervention so as not to muddy the results of our trial and retain the fullness of flavour that we see when we taste from the barrel before bottling.


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