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Les Trois Mousquetaires Cuvee Vidale 2020

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Style: BA Farmhouse Ale

ABV: 6.5%

750ml Bottle

A sweet novelty recently arrived in stores. Here is the Cuvée Vidal! This beer was named so, after a variety of white grapes: Vidal. Interesting ! We developed it with a different approach, and we went to meet the wine world. The Cuvée Vidal has the particularity of having fermented only with the yeasts naturally present in the grape marc. The marc is all the skins of the grapes rejected after pressing during the production of wine. It then spent 1 year in oak barrels! This orange beer is dry on the palate, complex and slightly acidic. It reveals delicate flavors of grape, a wild, winey and woody character! You can enjoy it as an aperitif, but being also very pleasant to drink while eating, it will complement your meal wonderfully!

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