Ocho Deciduous Rye IPA (330ml)

Style: Sour IPA

ABV: 6.0%

330ml Bottle

Brewed using fresh hops within 24 hours of being harvested from Bushy Park in Tasmania's south. The Rye IPA base has a rich and toasty malt character, to which the generous hop additions add lifted apricot jam and Seville orange notes.

The primary hop is HPA-035, an experimental variety with a spice & citrus character, as well as Ella, a variety which adds stonefruit and floral notes.

We added fresh hops at a rate of 30 grams per litre at the end of the boil and allowed them to steep for about an hour before chilling and transferring to the fermenter. Adding the hops so late in the process means we preserve all their wonderful aromatics.