One Drop Long Haul Hazy DIPA

Style: Hazy Double IPA

ABV: 8.2%

375ml Can

Beer & friendship strikes again! Long Haul is a Hazy DIPA turned right up to 11 in collaboration with very dear and long-time pals Drop-Project from London, UK.

It is the culmination of intricate process, avant-garde technique, ultra-premium ingredients, and a collective 14-year journey into beer. With the playbook in the bin, we’ve open-top fermented a thick base of Multi-Stacked Oats™ with our in-house Hazy Yeast Blend™ before loading an unholy amount of fresh Nectaron ®, Vic Secret ™, Single-Lot Mosaic ®, into our dry-hop. At over 26g/L, and employing a multi-staged hop burst approach, expect a stubborn long haul of hop character that stays with your one long after liquid gold has laced the lips. We’ve loved everything about this project and we hope you enjoy it with as much love as we’ve had making it.