Ridgeway Imperial Stout (330ml)

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 10%


Ridgway Brewing's Imperial Russian Stout is brought to you by Master Brewer, Peter Scholey and is a devilish delight to behold. It has coffee and burnt caramel on the nose with some liquorice and dark chocolate. On the palate it is smooth with sweet nuttiness, spice, bitter chocolate and dark fruit.

All three Ridgeway Imperial Beers use the same Henley on Thames ale yeast strain and yeast is the major driver of flavour in these strong beers. They are all dry hopped with English whole hop and they all undergo a lengthy period of warm conditioning in tank prior to bottling in the same way that a traditional lager used to.

Their Imperial beers carry no best before date and are expected to mature and change gracefully if carefully stored. Bottles are therefore vintage labelled with each bottle individually numbered.