Six Point Bengali IPA | Bucket Boys Craft Beer

Style: American IPA

ABV: 6.4%

355mL Can

Sixpoint Bengali Tiger is reminiscent of the century-old English IPA. This interpretation uses the highest-quality, floor-malted base malt, which lends a full-bodied and rich caramel flavour. We mash at high temperatures and add generous amounts of specialty malts to further emphasise a strong foundation of malt as leverage for our generous additions of hops; which are indeed generous. They use a total of three different hop strains, and add a total of six different additions throughout the process.

The Bengali Tiger has a hoppy snap upfront, but strides at a steady pace, and finishes balanced. The signature characteristic of the Tiger is the aroma we use massive quantities of whole East Kent Goldings hops to dry hop in our conditioning tanks. The result? The essential oils from the hops are an enticing treat before every sip. Notice the lacing of stripes around the pint glass as you finish your glass; it's the mark of the Tiger