Six String Coastie Pale Lager

Style: Pale Lager

ABV: 4.8%

375ml Can

For Australia Day 2015, the team at Six String Brewing decided to launch a version of that oh-so-Aussie beer style: lager. They originally planned it as a proper local lager, keeping its availability strictly confined to the Central Coast, specifically Gosford and Wyong. But such is the nature of these things, ití?s proven popular since it's been available so they're relaxing the beers boundaries a little. And who can blame them; the style was chosen because it's something that will go down well with those pursuing a coastal way of life and Australia is hardly short on coastal dwellers.

The beer itself uses Summer hops designed to give aroma of melon and lemon myrtle while dry hopping (not done, we're told, in an India Pale Lager sort of way but more sparingly) with the same variety meant to give a slightly sweet finish. At 5 percent ABV and a mere 12 IBUs of bitterness, you can start to imagine what this beer is like and the sweet spot it would hit as you pull up to the bar having spent the day in the sun.