Stone Vertical Epic 08.08.08 | Bucket Boys Craft Beer

Style: Belgian Golden Strong Ale / Belgian IPA

ABV: 11.3%

650mL Bottle

In 2008, Stone Brewmasters Steve Wagner and Mitch Steele traveled to Belgium, where they enjoyed a number of hop-forward Belgian tripels, pale ales and IPA's, beers that had taken a cue from the U.S. craft brewing movement and inspired them in return. It's a big reason 2008's summer season came to be known at Stone as our "Summer of the Triple". Upon their return, they crafted Stone 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Ale, the seventh beer in the 11-beer Stone Vertical Epic Ale series. Packed with floral, spicy essence from Belgian yeast plus plenty of hoppy New World character, it's a West Coast take on hop-driven Belgian beers.