TailGate Sorta IPA | Bucket Boys Craft Beer

Style: Session IPA

ABV: 4.7%

355ml Can

The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Space Race, Baseball's Homerun Race of '98. Let's face it, Americans are no stranger to an arms race. Enter, craft beer. Breweries everywhere are dumping hops in by the pound and ramping up alcohol content, leaving dedicated hophead tailgaters with few choices for responsible drinking.

We bring you the session-style India Pale Ale. Session-style means moderate alcohol content. This is your chance to enjoy a full flavour, aggressively hopped IPA, without melting your face off. Handcrafted with Cascade and Magnum hops, this IPA is influenced by IPA City, USA (San Diego) and perfected for tailgaters around the world. Grab this bouquet of liquid hopped glory and enjoy full flavoured drinking, not sipping.