White Bay Hi-Fidelity Nouveau Lager

Style: IPL

ABV: 7.0%

440ml Can

Hi-Fidelity is an amalgamation of two styles we hold dear at White Bay, lager and IPA.

This brew started its life, essentially, as a bold, American IPA. Mashed with a solid pedigree of Maris Otter, dextrin and flaked oats and reared with a generous dose of our favourite American hops in the whirlpool.

Everything seemed to be poised for this beer to be the next nexus in our IPA series. However, in a wild twist of fate and timing we decided to steer Hi-Fidelity onto a road less travelled. In the fermenter Hi-Fidelity experience the same double dry hop all of our other hoppy beers enjoy however for Hi-Fidelity it was done cold, and under pressure.

Fermented cold and much drier than our other beers with a neutral German lager strain Hi-Fidelity is loud with vibes reminiscent of some of our favourite west coast style IPA’s. Fresh zested citrus, herbaceous pine and champagne mango beautifully intertwined in a svelte, dangerously crushable 7% package.