Wildflower Amber Blend 10 (750ml)

Style: Australilan Wild Ale

ABV: 6%

750ml Bottle

Amber Blend #10 has a solid nose with classic caramel and chocolate enhanced by subtler aromas of sweet woodsmoke, clove and earthy grains. The palate has a soft creamy acid profile that gives beautiful texture and lifts cherry and rich plum flavours. The finish is reminiscent of roasted nuts and caramelised bread to finish. We are really loving this blend. It’s very streamlined but it’s slightly softer, more balanced acidity palate reminds us of Amber Blend #8.

Amber is a blended, barrel aged Australian Wild Ale. Blend #10 is a blend of five barrels. 1704 (8 month old Amber), 1713 (4 month old Amber), 1726 (6 month old Amber), 1743 (5 month old Amber), 1749 (6 month old Amber).