(WWS) Baladin Xyauyu Collection (500ml X 3)


Bringing you these 3 amazing beers in one awesome collection. 

Baladin Xyauyu Barrel 2013

ABV: 14.0%

Xyauyù Barrel is the result of a “wicked idea” of Teo’s and years of research. It is a top-fermented beer which has gone through macrooxidation and has been aged in oak rum barrels to give it scents of dates, caramel and a delicate wooden note. When poured, it has no head and no gas; it has a dark color with copper nuances.

Baladin Xyauyu Kentucky 2014

ABV: 14.0%

Teo ventures again into the world of macro-oxidation. This new exploration of taste starts from Xyauyù Oro, combined with a product of the best Italian farming: Kentucky tobacco. Using a cold infusion technique, tobacco is added to the oak barrels where the beer is kept. A unique beer is obtained, with strong and at the same time delicate scents and tastes, reminiscent of the atmosphere of past days. It has a clear, dark golden red color with brownish hues. When poured, it has no head and no gas. Scents of dried fruit and cherries in alcohol, while the sweet aroma of macerated tobacco stands out. The taste is a perfect balance between the malty flavors and the taste of tobacco. Hints of vanilla contrast the typical tangy, almost leathery notes of tobacco. A blend of tastes which gives this beer a bitter, dry finish.

Baladin Xyauyu Fume 2010

ABV: 14.0%

Xyauyù Fumè is the most complex expression of Teo’s approach to the creation of what he calls “couch beers”, to be enjoyed and savored slowly. It is a top-fermented beer which has undergone macro-oxidation and has been aged for twelve months in Islay Scottish whisky barrels, which give it a natural peaty flavor. It has a deep dark color with copper nuances; when poured, it has no head and no gas.